Thursday, October 20, 2011

From Zip to Three?

Oh my god. I went from having no guys I liked or liked me to having three. Life is unbelievably cruel.

First, there's NK. He is gorgous. I've liked him all summer,  up until school started then I gave up because I figured if it hasn't happened, it never will. He's shy and seems like a sweetheart, but I'm so bubbly and insane, our personalities would be such polar opposites. He's my highest reach. My least likely. But still fun to flirt with and look at.

RK comes next. He goes to a different school and is entirely adorable with the personality of a drama boy, which I'm totally in love with. He's funny (not just dirty funny or teenage boy funny, that clever, witty funny, you read about in old novels.) He's exactly what my parents want. What I need and a large majority wants. When he messaged me tonight, I did a little happy dance. My biggest issue with him is we'd never see each other! His school is a high preformance academic school that swallows children up like a black hole. My best friend goes there (that's how RK and me met!) and I rarely see her.

Lastly, but very far from least, AC, a boy in my grade, who goes to my school. He's outgoing and sweet, with pretty cute looks. He seems the most interested in me. Well, he's tied with RK. I just am so scared of having a relationship with someone in my school whose in the same grade because of what happened with TK.

Stressing out, mostly in a happy, good way.

-That Girl.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybe I Just Need a Candy Bar.

I hate everyone. Every single insignificant being. Every single important human.
Or maybe that's just my PMS talking.
Or the dieting.

-That Girl.

Stop Hitting the Space Bar So Hard...Get it?

So, here I am, stuck in Journalism, with a broken space bar and a slow, spazzy computer.Watching two girls I hate flirt with a cute boy. I mean, he's okay, nothing special, but neither am I. The flirting game is complicated, and simply annoying. Especially for me. I'm not good at it; I either get the guy right away or lose some piece of me trying to be everything for one dumb boy. I don't want to do that anymore. I guess I do it, mostly because I don't want to be alone. Waking up without those 'good morning, beautiful =)" texts or the morning kisses or the hugs when I'm sad. Now, I have to settle for talking, talking, and talking, with the knowledge that everyone hears, but no one really listens.

But beyond this emotional sentiment, I'm stressed out, looking through colleges, SAT scores, ACT scores, placement tests, GPA, financial issues... And that I'm flunking chemistry and math.

-That Girl.